Board Members


Executive Board

Name Company  

Eric Hanson
Chair of the Board
Inland Productivity Solutions, Inc.
Terry Jeffers
Immediate Past Chair
Right At Home In Home Care & Assistance
Dave Powers
Chairman Elect
Prospect Mortgage
Heather Potvin
HHARPP Accounting Services
Andrew Behnke
DoubleTree by Hilton Claremont

Donna McClenahan
Vice Chairman of Public Affairs
Gamma Alpha Chapter of PSI Delta Sigma
Joe Engkraf
Vice Chairman of Business Services
Mountain View Chevrolet

Stephen Dunn
Vice Chairman of Organizational Affairs
Cable Airport, Inc.
Dori Ferranto
Director of Ambassadors
Assistance Insurance Agency

Lorraine Kindred
Colonies Crossroads Incorporated

Board of Directors

Name Company  

Cheryl Bailey AltaPacific Bank
Andrew Behnke DoubleTree by Hilton Claremont
Lisa Day
Angel Care Community Services, Inc.

Terri DiMarco
Carden Arbor View School

Michael Donaldson
Kessler Alair Insurance Services, Inc.

Stephen Dunn Cable Airport, Inc.
Joe Engkraf Mountain View Chevrolet
Dori Ferranto
Assistance Insurance Agency

Suzanne Graves Law Offices of Suzanne M. Graves, Inc.
Eric Hanson
Inland Productivity Solutions, Inc.

Terry Jeffers
Right At Home In Home Care & Assistance

Richard Mayo
 Pacific Auto Sales & Leasing

Donna McClenahan
Gamma Alpha Chapter of PSI Delta Sigma

Heather Potvin
Hharpp Accounting Services

Dave Powers
Prospect Mortgage
Jim Richardson Richardson Financial, Inc.  
Sid Robinson Robinson and Associates, Inc.  
John Tarrant Main Street Garage at Toyotech  

Past Presidents

Name Year  

Terry Jeffers 2015-2016  
Suzanne Graves

Ruby Ahmed
Lorraine Le Clear

Greg Armstrong     2010-2011  
Eric Hanson

David Horne

Richard Mayo 2007-2008  
Bob Cable 2005-2007  
Andy Wright 2004-2005  
Sherry Hunter 2003-2004  
Will Elliott 2002-2003  
Randi Tidwell 2001-2002  
Jim Anderson 2000-2001  
Dr. William Bescoby 1999-2000  
Helene Blumner 1998-1999  
Ray Musser 1997-1998  
Jerry Cook 1996-1997  
Russ Scranton 1995-1996  
Cheryl Karns Avent 1994-1995  
Jim Anderson 1993-1994  
April Morris 1992-1993  
Bob Reeder 1991-1992  
Kathy Tully 1988-1989  
Ray Musser 1987-1988  
Robert Nastase 1986-1987  
Tom McCall 1985-1986  
William Rugg 1984-1985  
Jim Crowell 1982-1984  
Richard Avent 1981-1982  
William Domb 1980-1981  
Eugene Bello 1978-1979  
Harry Crowell 1977-1978  
C. Richard Hield 1976-1977  
Frank MacDonald 1974-1976  
Randal W. Bond 1973-1974  
C. Richard Hield 1971-1972  
Robert Sherwood 1970-1971  
Walt Reardon 1969-1970  
Harvey Stone 1968-1969  
Harold Bailin 1967-1968  
Russell Hazen 1966-1967  
Dwight Bert 1965-1966  

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2016 Annual Installation Dinner & Leadership Academy Graduation

Gourmet Golf Tournament 2016

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