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This year I have the honor of leading our highly talented executive team and with the help of our entire chamber team of ambassadors and staff will continue the work that we have been planning and executing over the past few years. We as a team have made a lot of changes to our structure to enable this Chamber to be financially independent of the City of Upland, which places us in the unique position of being able to work with the City in ways most other Chambers cannot. We are truly in a position to effectively advocate for business in the Upland area, without fearing for our ability to operate.

After some difficult times, I am happy to share that our Chamber is in excellent financial condition, and able to do things for our members and community that many of our neighboring Chambers have not been able to do. This year with the return of the Tour de Foothills, we look forward to continuing to build our reputation as a progressive and forward looking business organization, that works at the local, regional, and state levels to improve our local business environment, and the community of Upland that is our home. This year our internal projects include, re-integrating the Tour de Foothills into our operations, upgrades to our computer systems and telephone system, and an extensive redesign of our web presence, as well as continuing to improve and enhance our business and leadership education series.

This year our truly working board will be ensuring that our events run smoothly, and that we work tirelessly to provide our members with as many opportunities as possible to improve their businesses. Our business networking events, Business Education Series, Leadership Academy, Member Luncheons, and first Friday’s are all designed to provide excellent business value to our members. Our events which include our Fall Tuesday Bowling League, the Tour de Foothills, Taste of the IE, Gourmet Golf Tournament, and Poker Tournament are all designed to provide additional business networking opportunities for our members that attract not only Chamber Members, but Non Members to network or just have fun in many different settings.

As the Chairman of the Board, I am also acting as the CEO of the organization this year. One of the great personal benefits for me is that I get to work with a diverse team of business professionals with multiple areas of focus who all work towards the common goals of the organization. Our entire Board of Directors is dedicated to running an effective organization for the Upland business community. Sometimes we as entrepreneurs forget that there are lots of resources around us to help us when we might not have the right skills to address an issue. Should you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please reach out either to myself, of one of our Board members. We are here to help.

Sincerely at your service,

Eric Hanson
Chairman of the Board of the Upland Chamber of Commerce, 2016-17
President of Inland Productivity Solutions

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